41 Day Detox
41 Day Detox
41 Day Detox
Thrive Family Wellness

41 Day Detox

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My hope for you as you do this program is that you will be able to tap into the 'wholeness' that you already are. To tap into your own healing ability and to find the joy and the
beauty in the gift of your body, mind, and soul that has carried you perfectly through all of your experiences. 

Included in this program is over $700 in supplements and supplies.

  • IonGut
  • HCL Guard 
  • PerfectAminos
  • Just Ingredients Probiotic Sticks
  • Just Ingredients Bone Broth
  • EquiLife Shake - 2 one in chocolate and 1 in vanilla
  • Cleanse and Clear Tea
  • Berry Binder
  • 5 Organic Tincture's for each phase
  • Enema Kit
  • Organic Castor Pack for Liver and Thyroid with Organic Castor Oil
  • Dry Brush
  • Copper tongue scraper
  • Gold Tea Steeper
  • 3 stack crystal bracelets 
  • 3 weeks worth of meal plans and grocery lists
  • 80 Page guide to help you with your detox
  • Video's for each organ system with a daily energetic practice
  • 3 weeks worth of somatic practices for nervous system regulation

Days 1-7: Nervous System Regulation
Days 8-14: Mitochondria and Digestion
Days 15-17: Initiate Beginning Detox
Days 18-27: Deep Cleansing of Intestines, Organ Systems, Parasites, Molds,
Candida, Heavy Metals, Emotional Baggage, and More
Days 28-34: Harmonizing Hormones
Days 35-41: Brain Health

Please do not do this program if you:
Are pregnant or breastfeeding
Are addicted to substances
Have heart disease
Are anemic
Have high blood pressure
Have diabetes

This program is not medical advice and has not been approved by the FDA.
Please detox at your own risk. You assume all risk in doing this detox.