Ridgecrest Herbals Blood Sugar Balance
RidgeCrest Herbals Blood Sugar Balance
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RidgeCrest Herbals Blood Sugar Balance

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Blood Sugar Balance™ is a formula from ancient Chinese wisdom that helps to:

  • Support balanced levels*

  • Stabilize energy flow*

  • Improve mood & focus*


    Ah, there it is. That moment. Around 3 pm, when you realize you still haven't had lunch and you begin to feel lightheaded or cranky. That moment you realize that once again life has gotten in the way of your goals, your intentions to eat healthier, balanced meals throughout the day and keep your blood sugar from its usual spikes and crashes. How did your plan get away from you yet again? Is it ever going to change? What can you do differently? When you need just that extra little help keeping things balanced as you go through your hectic day, RidgeCrest Herbals' Blood Sugar Balance™ Formula is there.


    Calcined Gypsum

    A soft sulfate mineral used from the beginning of TCM, calcined gypsum is considered to be cooling. It is traditionally used for many of the symptoms now associated with blood sugar imbalances.

    Anemarrhena Root

    In TCM, the Anemarrhena root was used for many issues we now associate with blood sugar imbalance such as excessive thirst and hunger, blurred vision/dizziness, etc. It was believed to moisten the kidneys. Traditionally found in the provinces of Hebei and Shanxi, this herb has been in use for over 4,500 years.

    Eleuthero Root

    Eleuthero root was the first well-studied adaptogen and is responsible for the entire classification. An adaptogen is a substance that promotes the body's overall capacity to handle non-specific forms of stress. By helping the body find homeostasis, it supports the ability to respond to external forces. It has been part of TCM since its foundation but was only recognized by the rest of the world in the 1960's thanks to the work of Russian scientists.

    Chinese Licorice Root

    One of the most widely-used herbs in TCM, licorice is used to stimulate, support, and harmonize gland function. It helps support the adrenal glands and immune system, energy production, and aids cellular removal of toxins. Scientific evidence exists indicating its ability to reinforce the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation. Licorice root contains glycyrrhizin, a chemical compound that maintains the body's ability to block enzymes that lower the prostaglandin levels responsible for mucus production. It also acts as a guiding herb to enhance the activity of other key ingredients.

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